Why Was SKC Created?

Accessibility! SKC is an arrive and drive Karting championship that makes use of the fantastic karting facilities available all over the UAE. The karts, suits, helmets and other racing gear are provided so that no one will need to purchase a kart to get into Karting. A student can take part in the SKC championships for just AED 250 per driver.

This means that regardless of ability or background, any student can take part in a competitive motor sport whilst representing their school or college at the same time. SKC offers discounted rates for practice sessions, to all participants, at partnering venues across the UAE. This allows us to bring the championship to your doorstep and takes you to a world class venue for the final event.

Adolescents between the ages of 13 – 23 need to be engaged in an activity that stimulates all senses. Motor sport is truly the most engaging sport possible! It is something that inspires and engages and it rubs off in so many other aspects of a student’s life. It is a combination of sport, engineering, thrill and the much needed adrenalin rush! When the student is on track, he or she develops a range of skills that could be transferred to driving on road – such as – anticipation, looking ahead and spatial skills. The key message would be to confine racing to track and not roads.